Welcome to Touch the Earth

Our aim is to create a community of people passionate about caring for the Earth, while having fun and inspiring each other. 

Our first intention is to bring people together from many paths in search of our common vision: a place from which we can shelter each other from the challenges of our day while nurturing our best foundation for tomorrow. 

This community draws on permaculture, but also many other perspectives. At times, these may seem contradictory, but being able to hold these differing perspectives and lean into them in safe space will help us. 


Where to start: 

Please introduce yourself on the General forum, ask for what you need, and contribute where you can. Let us know if there is something you are looking for and not finding right now. 

Explore, enjoy, and look for our next gathering. 

What if?

What if, as Rob Hopkins said, that we were able to imagine a different way forward? What if…we can use these moments every day to live our best lives creating the best possible future?