Of Sinking Ships….

Of sinking ships…. I had a dream this morning right before waking that I was on a sinking ship in a violent storm. Another ship was nearby and friends both on my ship and the other one were trying to get me off the ship—everyone off the ship. They explained that there would be a […]

Navigating Collapse

What is the path forward?  Sunday, 13 October 2019, Revised, 30 September 2020   John Michael Greer in The Archdruid Report uses the tagline: Collapse now and avoid the rush.  With permaculture, David Holmgren, Albert Bates, George Monbiot, and many others have outlined the likelihood of collapse in different forms and the hope of a gentle […]

Culture Change: New Norms

“When any real progress is made, we unlearn and learn anew what we thought we knew before.” Henry David Thoreau Targeting best in class and possibly build ROI. Funneling user stories so that as an end result, we create a better customer experience. Communities change by recognizing and adopting new norms. What was once unorthodox […]

Earth Mama is Giving Us a Time-Out

I was on the website for a group today which promotes resilience using permaculture and Transition Town concepts among other things. I respect them a lot, and appreciate their capacity to foster amazing connections and projects. One of their declarations stated that they use ecological solutions, honoring indigenous practice roots, and supporting more resilient communities […]

A Gathering In

Why “Touch the Earth”?    This place we are beginning to create together is a means of gathering in people with whom we’ve (Corbin and I) have had connection with through permaculture, nature connection, and similar pathways. There are so many people in so many communities over so many years to connect. We all have […]

What If…?

It is late January. While walking around a consulting client’s property yesterday, I saw the early bulbs just beginning to peek up above the soil. In my own garden, spring herbs are already beginning to conservatively creep across the ground in the warmer, protected spots. Spring seeding is beginning to happen, and I know that […]