The Story:

Over the past 20 years and more, we've been gathering with amazing people in working to make the world a better place. From public libraries, to congregations, to forests, to converted barns, to jungles and eco villages we've been across the continent and engaged with passionate, creative, capable people. We've built, and organized, and tended, and established all kinds of physical and social projects. 


The problem is, that we keep working on one aspect of a complex problem at a time. We all keep missing the deeper context unfolding, and also not taking very good care of ourselves as we continue. There just hasn't been enough depth to our conversations. Critical pieces of the puzzle keep dropping on the floor. There hasn't been enough depth in our communities. 


Our take on this is to offer you membership in Touch the Earth. We will keep adding articles, videos, and resources to help you deepen your connection to your land and the Earth. But we will also invite you to gather with us online and in-person to explore deeper connections. Throughout the year, we will invite you into practices and reflections which nourish body, mind, and spirit. 

Membership Highlights

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We post content for our members including how-to's, checklists, and reflections on tending home, community, the Earth, and self.



Members get access to printable resources that help guide your journey through the year. 


Interviews and Videos

We also post videos, interviews, and share other media. 


Invitation to Gatherings

Whether in-person or online, we hold space for deeper conversations, practicing skills, and deepening our conversations. 

Why membership?

We all long to belong.

We don't take being a member of something for granted. And our commitment to you is to share resources that are practical as well as those that inspire and connect you to the Earth, your self, and your communities.