Creative Renewal – A Community Process


With fall arriving and the light diminishing, it is time to turn inward and engage in introspection and review of what has served us well in the past year, what has been challenging, and how we can bring our best selves forward in the coming year. Every year at this time, drawing on Nature Connection and other practices, I do this work for myself and to share with others.

If you are tired, searching, or seeking a new way, that’s okay. This has been an especially exhausting year for everyone. By taking care of ourselves and renewing our creative path ahead, we are preparing for some of the best of what lies ahead. Right now, we can rest with that cup of tea, a blanket on a cold night, and a candle to light the dark, and a journal that mirrors back to us what is important. 

Each week, we will post a prompt for journaling, meditation, and exploration. We invite you to share your learning on a community forum.

While sharing may come easily for some, at other times we might feel reluctant. Remember, each one of us has unique medicine and unique perspective. Your perspective or words or journey might help to inspire or shift someone else in a positive way. That lifts us all up. 

Each group is different. Our combined potential for change is amazing, and positive impacts can ripple out in surprising ways. We’re excited to explore what comes next! 

 – Rhonda and Corbin


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Preparing for the Journey

Every good journey needs some preparation. 

For this one, we recommend starting with: 

  • A good journal and journaling supplies. 
  • A comfy area to sit inside and one outside.
  • Scheduled time for reflection and discovery
  • A candle
  • A supply of a tea that really nourishes you and a favorite teapot or cup.

During our journey, take good care of yourself. Listen to your body. Move in joy and exploration. Drink plenty of water. Nourish your senses.

Gathering – creating our container more effectively

While we will be able to share on our forum and reach out for help or with questions at any time, most of the participants have never met in person. 

For that reason, you’re invited to build connection on a zoom call on Sunday, October 18, at 7 pm Eastern. We expect a short call that helps us hear and see everyone. 


In our time together, we will respect each other’s journey and support it. Choice matters a great deal in our philosophy. It is one of the greatest tools to help us learn. Please listen to each other respectfully, using your best self. Please ask for what you need. Please check your assumptions. Please know that all of you is welcome. This is a great time of letting go, surrendering, enjoying silence, and nurturing new seeds of purpose.


At the end of our time, we can decide how we’d like to celebrate each other, but it will likely include another zoom call. 🙂 




Do you have questions or want more support? 

We would like to hold that space for you. 

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