A Gathering In 

 March 12, 2020

By  Rhonda

Why "Touch the Earth"? 

This place we are beginning to create together is a means of gathering in people with whom we've (Corbin and I) have had connection with through permaculture, nature connection, and similar pathways. There are so many people in so many communities over so many years to connect. We all have questions, quests, visions, knowledge-turned-to-wisdom, and more to share. Given the contexts we find ourselves in today, we hope to inspire each other into practical action and joyful living. 


Touch the Earth, as a project of ours, started out as a dream of hosting workshop weekends which bridge between many of these skills and seek to strengthen each of us in our vision of healing the Earth and tending to our families and communities. But why wait until we can get together? Why not tend to each other now? So, that's what we're doing. 

Look for this community to grow slowly and steadily over the coming weeks and months. Anyone can participate in the General Discussion, and some people are involved in specific groups, like the Current PDC group or the Former PDC group. Ask questions, share successes, and let us know what you need.

Occassionally, we will share online and in-person events and projects we're involved in. If they are right for you, great--if they could help someone else, please share.

This is a place of creativity, hope, vision, and purpose. We look forward to knowing you better.

On a journey to understand how we came to this moment and how to live well in connection to the Earth and each other.

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