A Vision of Connection to the
Earth and Each Other.

A Vision Together

Our world has asked us to move at a breakneck pace. It has fragmented and seemed to isolate our self, our families, our communities, and our cultures.

To change this, we must reclaim space in which our whole self can be pieced back together and nurtured into health.

We can create together family cultures which bring us joy and help us to grow. We can sing and celebrate in communities which renew life and honor our journeys. And we must value and prioritize the work which heals the natural world upon which we all depend. We must learn again to touch the Earth.

Our Perspectives
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A story,
a hope

Touch the Earth is a collaborative project. It is grounded in an experience of the Earth as our primary teacher, the story of humanity, the work of community, personal resilience, and the joy of family. Throughout our years of organizing, teaching, writing, study and practice across many fields, we build a community of practice focused on earth-based living, tending the Earth, and cultivating personal wholeness. We invite you into this community.

A Community of Practice. Tending the Earth, Moving Toward Personal Wholeness