Touch the Earth is envisioned as an opportunity to strengthen your relationship with the Earth and nurture your WHOLE self.

Spring Peeper in a Child’s Hand, Photo by Rhonda Baird

We live in a world which uses part of our being to move us through life at a pace and in directions which fragment our self, our families, our communities, and our cultures. To change this, we must reclaim space in which our whole self can be pieced back together and nurtured into health. We can create together family cultures which bring us joy and help us to grow. We can sing and celebrate in communities which renew life and honor our journeys. And we must value and prioritize the work which heals the natural world upon which we all depend. We must learn again to touch the Earth.

Through storytelling, art, making, retreats and workshops, this website is meant to enrich your life using a variety of tools. Please take up what is useful. Enjoy, breathe, find your moments to touch the Earth.

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